Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency16 min read

Dylan Perry

Dylan Perry

Having spent the last two years working in web hosting and server administration for one of Australia’s largest web hosting companies, Dylan decided it was time for a transition by shifting into the digital marketing space with the aim to help businesses get started online to promote their products.
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What is one of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up a new online business? There are a lot of different answers to this question, but neglecting to hire a reputable digital marketing agency to look after your marketing pursuits is definitely one of them. You might’ve asked yourself already, ‘Why should I hire a digital marketing agency? Is it really that difficult to learn by myself?’

Let’s get into why this field is better left to those who already understand it.

Establishing some sort of online presence is pivotal in the growth and success of your business. Smartphones are everywhere; Google is everyone’s best friend – you cannot ignore how critical it is that you put your business on the internet and doing this by yourself is no easy task.

With the internet being the world’s largest marketplace where only the best rank well, you’ll really want to nail down a good digital marketing plan and a good agency helps you do exactly that.

In addition, housing your own digital marketing team may not be beneficial for every starting company as it comes with high amounts of risk and not to mention dollars.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a great place to start, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a new, aspiring business or a well established one – you need some form of digital marketing guidance.

I promise that this in-depth article will put your doubts to rest about why you need to hire a digital marketing agency and how you’ll find one that suits what you need.                                                                         

Digital marketing is time-consuming – run your business instead

Trust me when I say that digital marketing is incredibly broad, with many different areas inside the meaning itself. Because of this, it is awfully time-consuming to learn and understand – this is time that could be better spent by yourself in your business. For example, you’ll need to consider if you have the time to learn about:                                                                                                                         

⦁ SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (including Local SEO)
⦁ SEM – Search Engine Marketing
⦁ Content Marketing
Google Adwords Campaigns
⦁ Keyword planning & researching
Social Media Marketing  (such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads)     
⦁    Email Marketing                                        

These are just to name a few. Chances are, you probably don’t. Running a business isn’t just a run of the mill 9-5 shift, it’s a 24/7 job and you need to always be working on the other important aspects of your business.

The most important feature of your website will usually be your blog. If you don’t already have one, you are severely missing out. A Hubspot study reveals businesses get 126% more qualified leads than those who aren’t blogging on a consistent basis.

You’ll also need someone to write content for your blog. Unless you are Doctor Octopus from Spiderman who can simultaneously write posts and run your business at the same time, you’ll want to outsource some help for that.

Writing good blog posts is generally not difficult, but time-consuming. Digital marketing companies understand the power of blogging and it’s a part of their job description. This is where having a digital marketing agency comes in handy – they can write this content for you.

Google loves great content and good user experience – both of these things take time to tailor and create so its best to leave this up to the experts.  

They’re the experts

Sometimes its best to just leave it to the experts. If your PC breaks down and you’ve got no idea what to do, it’s easier to call a repair place rather than poke around and risk doing more damage.

The same idea applies. It makes sense to start off your digital marketing journey on the right course with the correct advice, as there are certain criteria that determine how your content will be listed through Google.

Writing content that doesn’t rank without considering Google’s algorithms beforehand will just be time wasted that could’ve been better invested in doing other things for your business.

You might have some great ideas on what you’d like to achieve from a digital marketing perspective but don’t have any idea on how to go about it. This is also where enlisting the help of an agency will kickstart those ideas and make them a reality since they already have the experience and tools to help you achieve your goals.

It is a daunting task to handle all by yourself and there can be consequences for poorly executed plans so you’ll want to definitely invest in the right agency.

A Google logo with a hand holding a smartphone in a yellow background.

You can end up saving money

Investing your own effort into learning digital marketing doesn’t lose you money per se, but it loses you time.

“Lost time is never found again” – Benjamin Franklin

For a quote said back in the 1700s, it’s amazing how true it still is to this day. Time is scarce and needs to be delegated properly especially when running a business. If you aren’t spending time working on the front end of your business, you are losing not only profit but potential relationships with customers. Investing time into learning the ins and outs of digital marketing is risky and may not even work out in your favor.

You shouldn’t expect the same results a professional digital marketing agency could create as a novice, so why even bother?

Not only that, but there are certain monetary costs involved, such as purchasing online marketing tools, etc that can become quite expensive. A digital marketing agency likely already has these and if you don’t know how to utilize them properly, the money you invested in them is going down the drain.

You may have to front an investment into a digital marketing agency upfront, but this will save you both money and time in the long run – who wouldn’t want more of both?

You KNOW what the results are

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that everything is measurable, so you know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

It also allows room for making adjustments or tweaking areas that might be struggling – this ensures your money isn’t being further invested into something that serves no benefit to your business.

There are plenty of tools out there that digital marketing agencies use to see what needs to be changed and what can be left alone – learning to use these is a skill in itself and you probably don’t have time to learn how to use these tools whilst simultaneously running your business.

In addition to this, actually reading and analyzing the data is another hurdle you’ll have to jump. If you can’t interpret what you’re reading, you won’t be able to practically apply that data to real-life situations. Agencies can determine your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and figure out how well your campaigns are doing relative to the objectives you set.

A good digital marketing agency can also explain the results (usually monthly/quarterly) from these tools in layman’s terms for you and explain what the next step is.

Hiring an in-house team isn’t always suitable

Creating your own in-house digital marketing team can come with high risk and cost.

For start-up businesses, enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency will be a far better cost-efficient choice because you don’t need to go through the task of hiring employees, training them and purchasing whatever tools they need to complete their tasks.

An infographic image showing the cost differences between hiring an in-house marketing analyst and hiring a digital marketing agency.


As you can see from this infographic comparison, the digital marketing agency option will generally work out better.

Some people don’t need to pay $60,000 a year for one digital marketing analyst and why should you? Once you hire a digital marketing agency, you will be able to see attainable and measurable results.

They are cheaper, offer more manpower and offer greater scalability as we delve into further below.

Replacing an employee also loses your business manpower and you may need to spend time finding and training the next employee.

If your business is booming, you might need to hire another employee which is another salary you have to pay and you also need to spend time finding them. With an agency, you get to pick a package that suits your needs and they can quickly become flexible for your growing needs.

It is a great and quick scaling option, whereas developing a growing in-house marketing team may take weeks, even months to match the needs of your business.

Hiring an agency is a good starting point for any business, even if you decide to create your own in-house team later on. It offers great scalability as it can adapt to the needs of your business quickly.                                                                                                                              

A man in a suit is turning the dial on a workload meter.

What to look for when searching for a digital marketing agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is not going to be a quick or easy task and you should be wary about which company you elect to do business with.

A bad marketing strategy can see little ROI and can hurt your chances of obtaining good organic results through Google SERPS. It’s difficult to fix a bad start rather than start off well at the beginning, so your choice can be crucial.

Some will match your needs better than others and you’ll want to do the following in order to figure out who you’d like to do business with:

Make a plan.

Ask yourself what goals would you like for them to achieve on your behalf. Is it more engaging content with a longer reading time? Or perhaps you’d like to see an increase in conversions through social media. Within this plan, you’ll also want to budget how much money you’re willing to spend to achieve said goal. Will you be needing their services for a month or two or will it take longer? (such as PPC campaigns, etc)

Once you have these goals ready and you’ve prepared some questions, speak with them and see what their process of achieving your goal looks like. An open and honest response is something you’ll want to look for in regards to communication methods and timeframes.                                                                                                                           

Consider going local.

Whilst this isn’t a necessity, it should be something to consider at the very least. It may give you the option to meet with your agency face to face rather than over the internet through Skype for example, but this isn’t a requirement for most people. You also probably won’t need immediate support since the chance of something going horribly wrong quickly isn’t likely.

An agency closer to your area also probably understands the market of your customers better and will have strategies in place to help you rank organically.

Most people also consider going with agencies geographically close to support local businesses and because of the national currency. A marketing agency in the US will cost more for an Australian business due to the currency conversion – this may be something small to consider.                                                                                                                         

Be cautious of agencies that guarantee quick SEO results

To put it bluntly, they’re lying to you. SEO takes a considerable amount of time to show results, usually anywhere between 3-6 months and hitting the first page of Google is no small task. If they guarantee rankings within 90 days, you may want to be wary of this as a deciding factor.

It should never be guaranteed that an SEO company will get you a #1 ranking on Google either.

They even say so themselves that no one can guarantee this.

If Google can’t even guarantee it, no one can.

Let’s be real for a moment, if they are guaranteeing you things like this, they are likely doing shady things from an SEO standpoint that could get your website thrown into the Google trashcan before it even takes off.

Remember, it’s easier to start off on the right path than it is to fix a strategy that is already damaged.

Final thoughts

Getting started online is no simple task and in this internet-dominated world, it’s highly recommended you find a digital marketing agency early on to help maximize the results you’re able to obtain.

It’s highly time-consuming to invest your efforts into learning the different areas of digital marketing as well as the various tools used, so this is best left to the experts while you work on creating trustworthy relationships with your customers as well as things such as brand recognition.

The scalability of using a digital marketing agency likely also outweighs the use of hiring an in-house marketing team in terms of cost and efficiency and the risks tend to be lower.

When you choose to hire a digital marketing agency, look for companies that are clear and open about their policies and are willing to answer any in-depth questions you might have. Limiting yourself geographically isn’t a necessity, but going with a local business is something to consider.

Finally, ignore those agencies that promise you fast, page one results. This is likely just a gimmicky selling point, but it also a lie as even Google cannot guarantee page 1 results.

Big or small, you need to start off with a digital marketing agency – they’ll focus on the backend stuff while you get back to running your business.

Need some help getting started online? Just have a few questions? Feel free to get in contact here!