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Social Media Marketing is all about improving your brand awareness and driving a high engagement with your users. The more users you have actively interacting with your brand leads to more engagement, and more engagement leads to an increased chance of conversion.

By utilising your social media pages in a unique and engaging way, not only do you bring in real, quality traffic, but you also provide a more social interaction between your visitors and business.

We work closely with brands all across Melbourne for a more personalised approach, as we want to build a foundation between you and your users that lead to real conversations.

Long gone are the days of Facebook and Instagram being just ‘social hubs’. It’s now a perfect platform for companies to grow their brand identity and generate qualified leads now more than ever.

Interested in Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? Let’s go.

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No Longer Boring: Turn Your Social Media Into A Goldmine

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

There’s no better time to grow your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram – especially, when 17.1 million Australians are now on Facebook.

With our social media marketing campaigns, we’ll ensure your audience connects with your brand in a way that is guaranteed to drive them towards your site

SMM Strategy And Ad Creation

The organic reach on these social media platforms is quite low, so an effective ad campaign will be the best way to go. Not only will we help you work out your budget, we’ll create the ads for you, so you can sit back and relax.

We’ll show your ads to the most relevant audience and leverage their interests in your product/service in order to push more possible leads to your website. 

Here at SEO Kings, we want to turn your social media pages into a conversion juggernaut.

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Social Media Analytics

We’ll track your progress and through our analytics tools and look for areas of improvement with your ads and their success. 

Our goal is to increase leads and turn these leads into conversion and in-depth reporting about customer behaviour will allow us to strategise and cater to those with a vested interest in your brand.

Managing your social media pages allows for us to get a deeper understanding of your target audience and demographic that best appeals to your business.

Social Media Management

We want users to engage and understand your brand. Our goal is to provide a personalised strategy in order to generate leads, drive traffic to your site, improve your brand awareness and increase your ROI.

50 million businesses are now on Facebook and 26% of pages are using paid advertising. In the digital age, you need to be ahead of the curve and not a single step behind.

Letting the experts manage your social media allows for us to continuously provide excellent results.

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Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing brings a wide range of benefits in comparison to other marketing services.

Your trusted social media marketing experts are here to get the ball rolling.


We have the ability to filter to a very specific audience.

This includes choosing the most suitable geographical location, demographic, languages, where we want to drive traffic (to your website, to the Messenger app).

We’ll only choose the most suitable audience for you in order to lower costs and improve your chances for gaining leads.

It depends on your budget. 

You’re able to specify a certain amount of money you want to spend per day on ads or a ‘lifetime’ budget if  you only want your ad to run for a set amount of time (during a promotion, for example).

Like digital marketing (and all the good things in life) it takes time. 

Depending on your budget, your audience selection size, ad scheduling, etc. will depend on how many people see your ads.

Our ads will always aim to provide leads but ultimately, the more people who see the ad – the more people likely to click and get you results.

You definitely can try and grow your pages organically, but they have a very low organic reach if your page isn’t already successful. 

Paid advertising on social media platforms is the most guaranteed way to provide qualified leads and drive traffic to your site.

Facebook and Instagram operate very similarly. You select a format of ad, include headlines and descriptions, select a URL to link to and include a CTA. 

There’s a pretty simple answer for this one and it comes down to one word – size.

Instagram and Facebook are some of the biggest social platforms available with over tens of millions of active users. It wouldn’t make sense to ignore such an enormous pool of potential leads.

Absolutely. If they weren’t, no one would use them!

Using Instagram and Facebook is all about showing off your products and showcasing the best aspects of your brand.

SMM can benefit any website, irrespective of if you’re a small, medium or enterprise business owner.

You can always benefit from promoting your brand online.

Showcase Your Business

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