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For most small businesses, they struggle to generate any relevant or desired organic traffic to their website. We want to change that.

Over 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day and in today’s digital age, not harnessing an online SEO strategy will ensure swift failure.

Through understanding and using the different ranking signals that Google uses, we’re able to leverage these proven tactics to our ability and help your business move forward – even through the shifting algorithm changes that Google makes from time to time. It keeps us on our toes.

A user-focused strategy in conjunction with a stellar on-page SEO and technical SEO focus will ensure your website meets and exceeds Google’s guidelines for success.

There’s no better time to improve your digital footprint than now. Our organic SEO services are designed to have a personal approach so Melbourne businesses and around Australia can reap the rewards of a long-lasting and expertly crafted SEO campaign.

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Understanding SEO: Transform Your Business

Search Engine Marketing Done Right

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starts with knowing the hard hitting facts, how to use them to your advantage and then deliver an SEO campaign unparalleled to your competitors.

Understanding the implications of all Google’s ranking signals is difficult, but it pays to leave it to the experts so you can get on with running your business.

Organic ROI Unmatched By Rivals

We understand SEO like the back of our hand and use proven methods to set you above the rest.

We don’t just set your SEO campaign and leave it. We tweak it, making changes here and there to achieve the desired results for your business.

Our strategists aren’t focused on the meaningless metrics, just the one that pay the bills and fill your pockets.

We’re the SEO agency that delivers results, not hype.

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Real Traffic - Not Undesired Visitors

Our strategy is built around your target audience – the ones who show a genuine interest in your services. 

Extensive keyword research related to your industry will help us determine the best keyphrases to target in order to provide real, tangible results.

Making use of your target market allows us to gauge the most relevant users and direct them to your site with ease.

Targeting those with a vested interest or in the market for your products is a great ROI strategy.

Rank For Quality Keywords

75% of users don’t scroll past the first Google search results page and the first organic result receives 18% of the clicks.

With extensive keyword research, we can leverage your SEO campaign to help bring quality traffic who are guaranteed to bring revenue.

Our goal is to increase your online presence, grow your brand, boost your sales and put you miles ahead of the competition.

Trust the only SEO agency in Melbourne that understands small business needs.

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Skyrocket Leads

Fast-Track Visibility

Reap In Organic Revenue

Long-Term Results

It's time to grow your business.

SEO Strategists with a hunger for results.

Contact our highly recommended SEO experts who will help you get started and on your way.

Your personalised SEO strategy is a touch away.

Refining Your Organic SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategies are aimed to increase your organic traffic, website visibility and brand awareness through proven tactics.

As a renowned SEO agency, we’re able to determine the most suitable steps to take for your strategy, given that not every organic SEO campaign is built the same.

We help you rank for keywords that will bring you real, desired traffic. A detailed SEO analysis of your website will give us a tremendous amount of insight. 

We’ll have the scoop on your competitors and what they’re doing, as well as getting an understanding on your website structure, link portfolio and current SEO health.

To rank for these keywords, we’ll help you create high-quality, user-focused content that brings in relevant readers and users. Our content marketing strategy will be catered to your business goals as we’re not just another cookie-cutter SEO company.

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Help Me Understand What SEO Is

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of using proven tactics to improve how and where your website appears in search engine results.

SEO Marketing: Climb The Google Ladder

Leave your competitors in the wind and fast track your SEO campaign at lightspeed. 

We’re the SEO company guaranteed to put your business needs before false promises – no unrealistic hype needed.

Your SEO campaign is completed by hard working Australians – and done with a huge smile. Your business deserves the best, so pick the SEO agency that understands you.

Google leaves a lot of untapped potential that we harness to help your business grow, so small business owners don’t need to fret and can get back to running things with ease.

SEO Specialists Delivering Long Term Results

SEO isn’t a cut and dry process. It’s a lengthy and time-consuming battle of applying the best strategies to achieve your business goals. 

Our SEO experts pay close attention to your campaign over time and hone your SEO strategy to stay inline with your business goals.  This will help us ensure we continuously deliver great results for the long term.

Your results speak volume about our expertise and ability to carry out SEO campaigns. You’ll always be receiving above and beyond of our efforts to ensure we’re bringing desired traffic to your site and turning them into qualified leads.

Utilising SEO strategies and leveraging your content strategy to attract customers will ensure that long term results are a reality – not just ‘for now’.

Build trust with Google and launch a strong, efficient organic SEO campaign.
We offer SEO services based in Melbourne and we want to help you create a long-lasting reputation.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. 

It’s the process of making your website appear higher in Google search engine results pages for specific keyphrases a user may type in. It’s all about making sure your website is relevant enough to show up in Google search results – ultimately the first page where it receives the most organic traffic.

We strongly believe that any business, big or small, irrespective of industry, can definitely benefit from SEO. 

The #1 rule of SEO is to have original, well-researched content. We can revise any current content and introduce keyword-rich content for improvement or create new, relevant blog or article content.

As a search engine optimisation company based in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on our great work – providing SEO campaigns that will exceed and achieve above your expectations.

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.
There is a wide array of untapped potential with SEO, especially keywords.
And with the right digital strategy from your trusted, local, SEO Melbourne agency, we help you unlock your potential and achieve those desired front page results.

Not only are the practices of SEO free, but Google allows you to rise above those who may simply ‘pay their way’ to the top.

An organic SEO Melbourne strategy builds your foundation and brings long-lasting success. 

SEO is a time-consuming process that occurs from consistent changes and improvements, given that we are at the whim of Google’s algorithm. We always do our research, as we want to make sure that we’re going to be able to provide you with the best results.

Time-frames can be tricky nail down, because it may take one month to six months to see any results. Rest assured, progress is always being made, and after we build momentum in our favour, the success will continue to grow and become sustainable for the long term.

Keep in mind, this is only taking into account the organic SEO practices taking place. Paid advertising such as Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing can show ‘results’ much faster but they factor in other components.

SEO practices are best learnt when they’re put into action, and we know how to get your campaign moving in the right direction. We check for and fix broken links, perform on-page, off-page and technical SEO optimisation, write keyword rich content, include keywords in H1 tags, improve your site’s overall loading speed (including minifying CSS/JS, caching and optimisation), structure internal links, updating meta descriptions and meta titles, perform a URL canonicalization check and create an XML sitemap for Google’s index. These are just a few to list in our very, broad array of tools.

We aim to improve your SEO through content creation, on-site and off-site optimisation, tracking conversions through analytics and implement areas to increase your organic reach.

It also involves using local SEO practices to cater towards users in your area.

SEO is a valuable strategy for any kind of website, including eCommerce sites. 

There are over 200 ranking signals that Google uses to consider ranking a website and it may be confusing. Our experts work on several signals to improve your on-page and off-page SEO, as well as content creation.


And we don’t believe any SEO company should. Google themselves have warned against providing ranking guarantees given that their algorithm frequently changes. We wrote a comprehensive post on SEO agencies shouldn’t offer a guarantee and why it pays to work for results, not rankings.


We believe in supporting local workers, the local economy and providing our clients with a completely transparent and quality experience so all work is done in Melbourne. Other SEO agencies may outsource but we do it all ourselves!

Link building is an integral part of SEO and we only build the most important links for your business through a network of reputable and relevant directories and websites.

Link building is a two way relationship that is time-consuming to build and we invest our time in helping you build these relationships.

We use a range of industry-leading, appropriate and trusted third-party tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, Siteliner and Screaming Frog to get a comprehensive analysis of your website.

These audits look for errors or warnings that may adversely your SEO, such as broken links, toxic backlinks, duplicate content, 404 errors, lack of H1 tag, indexing errors, etc.

SEO is an investment. You’re not paying for a once-off boost, it’s a continual and gradual strategy to improve your organic growth, being sustainable traffic and organic revenue.

It is a worthwhile investment and the cost changes depending on every organic SEO campaign – as they are not all built equally. We offer FREE quotes so we can perform a comprehensive audit and see where your business currently stands.

From a design point of view, it depends as UX is just as much a big part of SEO as content writing is. The important thing to note about optimising your website for SEO is there’s a range of backend procedures happening, ensuring that your website will look relatively the same but Google will understand a lot of important things have changed for the better.

We assess a wide variety of factors, such as competition, industry depth and your business goals to determine relevant users guaranteed to convert.

Then we undertake keyword research which entails finding the most suitable keywords to help you rank for in organic search results. Our keyword research intends to provide results that are long term and allow us to build on your foundation to maintain those rankings.

This won’t be a tacky sales spiel, we promise. Although, our name does ring true -we’re good at what we do.

When people are looking for SEO, they’re often lead into a trap of false promises and guarantees that don’t hold any substance.

We operate with honesty, transparency and complete professionalism during the entire course of your SEO campaign. That’s the SEO Kings promise.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best tailor-made solution for your business needs, funnelling-in market traffic to your money pages, turning visitors into customers and squeezing every opportunity of growth possible.

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