Mobile SEO.

Get mobile-friendly. It's 2021.

Take A Mobile-First Approach.

In an era of technological reliance, there is no excuse for having a slow, bloated or non-responsive mobile website.

Users needs have adapted beyond simple Google searches on their desktop.

Mobile users represent a large majority of all internet traffic, using their smartphones to surf the web, shop online, order fast food, navigate local businesses through Google Maps or get the answer to literally anything they want.

Mobile SEO goes hand-in-hand with a full-rounded SEO strategy and neglecting your mobile audience is far from an ideal decision in 2021.

If your mobile website is lacking a great user experience, this is a foreshadowing of a high bounce rate and users that are sure to never return again – and for good reason.

Ready to show mobile users a stunning, responsive website? Contact the only SEO agency in Melbourne that understands your needs.

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Mobile SEO: The Right Way

Having a great, responsive website is just one cog of a well oiled machine that is SEO.

We use several UX hacks to provide a positive experience for your mobile users, given the increase and reliance on mobile devices is only set to continue, you’ll need a killer mobile SEO strategy.

Move Forward In This Digital Age

The world is moving in favour of accessibility and technology every passing day, so if you’re not employing any sort of mobile SEO strategy then you’re missing out on possible leads.

The reality is websites that have poor loading times or don’t conform to smartphone standards will simply die off and fade into obscurity.

It’s a sink or swim situation. You need to get with the times, relate to your customers more and move in the direction that provides them with the best experience possible.

We’ll help you leverage your mobile traffic as part of a full-suite SEO campaign.

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Make Use Of Mobile Penetration

There are 19 million smartphone users across Australia.

It is no longer a secret that people prefer to use their mobiles for most searches because of the convenience, so join the movement.

The world is at your fingertips. Searches are endless and each time your users click off your poorly functioning mobile website, is another missed opportunity.

We won’t say this again – a great mobile website is the difference between failure and success.

Elevate Your User Experience

User-focused content and understanding their intent has long been a core focus of Google’s creed.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. Do you want to wait 8 seconds for a webpage to load? 

Optimised websites are only going to become increasingly more important and with page speed a lightweight ranking factor – those who don’t optimise will plummet down the rankings.

At this point, we know what you want, and as local mobile SEO experts, we want to help you out.

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Need a mobile strategy?

Don’t worry, we know what you’re after and our experts are here to help.

Improve Google Rankings

Better User Experience

Optimise For Voice Search

Reach Wider Audience

Mobile SEO isn't rocket science.

Speed past your competitors.

Mobile Responsive

Ensuring that your website is suitable for mobile users is the critical focus of our campaign, including making content readable, text big enough, making use of negative space and header images a suitable size for users.

Higher Google Search Rankings

Websites that provide good user experience, load quickly and allow for users on any device to view the content tend to rank well in comparison to slow and non-responsive websites. 

Lower Bounce Rate & Negative Signals

When customers are able to interact with your pages in a meaningful way and the experience is good, they tend to stick around. Metrics like bounce rate lower, page sessions go up and time on your site is a valuable thing given those users are likely to come back.

Additional Services.

More than just a company offering WordPress SEO, check out some of our other, purpose-driven services.

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If you’ve got a WordPress website, look no further. Our SEO experts will handle with performance optimisation.

Forget puppy pics – think big picture. Reach the 9 million Aussies that are active on Instagram.

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