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Reap the rewards of a powerful PPC campaign.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a huge platform to bring quality results, but it’s not always done right.

Your PPC campaign is in the right hands. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research relating to your industry, analyse your competition, continuous testing of ad copy, as well as ensuring that the progress and success of your overall Google Ads campaign is at its utmost excellence.

Whatever your budget may be, we act with complete transparency so you’re aware of the costs and risks associated with your campaign in order to deliver the best return-on-investment (ROI).

We optimise your PPC campaign to best fit your budget and the people who will show a real vested interest in your product or service. 

Your business is our business and if you’re ready to grow exponentially, we think it’s time you partner with us and reap the rewards of hard work.

Google Ads Campaign Done Right.

Building your organic reach is extremely important and when you leverage your SEO with a Google Ads campaign, you’re maximising your ability to reach the most important people for your business. 

Our goal is to help you market your brand locally or globally, increase real, desired traffic to your business and improve the possibility of turning those visitors into paying customers.

It is a reputable form of digital advertising that promises a return on investment, allows you to set up peak-time scheduling, a CPC budget, and gives you insight on how to improve your quality score and subsequently rank better in comparison to other Google ads.

Customise Your Ads For Local Business

Google Ads allows you to target your specific location and devices (desktop/mobile) which is especially important for businesses who only cater to locals. 

SEO Kings will ensure your campaign is focused on your target audience to maximise the ability of locals finding your business, as they matter most in getting a great ROI.


SEM Experts Who Will Get You To The Top

Your ads don’t deserve to be page 2. We want to fast track your keyword positions to ensure we bring your audience to your digital doorstep and raise your revenue with ease.

Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to effectively drive traffic to your website, as well as providing a strong ROI through a data-driven approach, meticulous research and careful monitoring of your ad campaign.

Optimise Your Quality Score For Performance

The last thing that we want is having you pay an arm and a leg for your keywords, only to have sub-par results in comparison to your competitors. Our goal is to get you the best Google ads position – with the lowest cost.

We’ll revise ad copy to ensure it’s likely to be clicked, relevant to the ideal search query and the landing page is suitable for users on all devices.


For every $1 that you spend on Google Ads, you make $2 back.

There is no other marketing channel out there that will give you a consistent return on investment.
Let’s get the ball rolling together.


Take Advantage of Remarketing.

People who have shown an interest in your product or service before are conversions waiting to happen.

Google Ads allows you to target specific users who have shown a vested interest in your product/service and this kind of traffic is extremely valuable in order to maximise your ROI.

Using a wide range of ad strategies Google provides, we can customise your ads for people who are in the market for your product/service as their qualified interest shows they are more likely to convert than other users.

Google Ads FAQ

Rest assured – we’re always working to get the best results but we understand the need to ‘see’ if your Google AdWords campaign is working.
You’ll be able to tell due to the reports we send out, more importantly:

  • Your CTR (click-through rate) of your ads give you an indication of how the ad is performing.
  • Your Quality Score will give you insight as to how your ad ranks regarding ads, keywords, relevance, landing page, etc.
  • Cost per conversion helps you understand your ROI (return on investment).

Our monthly reports will contain all this information and you’ll be able to see a trend and change over time.

Google offer a few types of bidding strategies and one of them is an awareness-based strategy to improve brand visibility. An impression is when your advert displays on the search engine results page, but you only pay for it to show – you don’t pay any time sometime clicks. 
The downside of this is that you potentially pay for impressions, but you’re not receiving any clicks or conversions. 
It is more recommended for people who want to do Display Advertising to promote brand awareness and retargeting.

Your ad shows on the search engine results page (SERPS) above organic results, but it’s actual placement in comparison to other Google ads may differ. It all depends on the competition of the keyword you’re bidding on, as well as your quality score (that contains several ranking factors).
Unfortunately, Google has final say.

Not necessarily. Multiple clicks from the same IP address will be seen as fraudulent, as a real person will generally click on the ad once or a few times. Google will block the IP address of the source (which is usually a bot) and prevents it from clicking the ad.
If you’re noticing your spend go up, and the same IP address is constantly clicking on it – you can block them from doing so. 

Sure can – Google allows a location extension to your ad so people looking for ‘near me’ specific searches will also be linked to your ad. 

Google also has a lot of other ad extensions such as callout extensions and sitelink extensions.

We do extensive industry research through several tools to determine the best keywords to target, especially long-tail keyphrases and keywords relevant to your industry that may not be as competitive.

This will help lower the cost of your overall campaign and improve visibility to engage the most appropriate users.

If there’s a question we didn’t touch on, please feel free to get in touch.
We’re a Melbourne digital agency that understands your Google AdWords needs.

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