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Email marketing is a powerful, often under-utilised tool that has the ability to transform the way you interact with your users in a meaningful way.

Unlike most marketing tools, email marketing rewards users who already have a qualified interest in your brand, such as purchasing a service from you beforehand.

When you have an established relationship with your audience, you’re more likely to retain these customers, who will keep coming back time and time again.

We’re here to break the cycle of ‘open and close’ emails – we want them to take action on your site.

Our email marketing team based in Melbourne will provide an effective and personalised strategy, ensuring your customers are staying up to date with your latest news and movements.

Effective Email Campaigns With Leading Platforms

Your email projects deserve the best. We’ll set up, optimise and custom design your email templates to appeal to your users aesthetically and functionally.

Have emails that need to go out to a certain audience, at a certain time? Scheduling is made easy with SEO Kings, so you can get on with your business.

One size does not fit all in marketing. If you have a diverse range of subscribers, who all have different requirements, it makes sense to segment them so you’re best appealing to their individual needs. 

If you’re looking to transform your email marketing campaigns or simply start from the bottom up, the Melbourne email marketing gurus have you covered.

Proven, Personalised Approach

Your consumers deserve to be addressed like real humans, not just generic users. 

Not only do we personalise your emails for your users and build further trust with them, we take a personal approach in understanding what they want to see from your business.

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Build & Reward Brand Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is a difficult thing, but given your subscriber base all have a vested interest in your business, they’ll continue to stick around and you’ll reap the rewards.

Once you have loyalty, you reward loyalty. An email marketing campaign that promises discounts or sales, improves your return on investment and customer satisfaction.

Shine With Automation Projects

Automation emails are always vital to ensure your customers feel welcomed and ensuring they’re up to date with your business’ movements.

Whether it be introducing yourself to new signups, sharing blog updates to keep your users updated or gently reminding them about an abandoned cart, these are all effective ways to engage your audience.

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Email Marketing FAQ

Email marketing is a platform that is quite easy to measure. We can generally see from the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate and how users are interacting with your site after they’ve clicked on the email where areas of improvement may lie.

It’s an often underutilised tool and when it’s done – it’s usually missing the mark.

When your email campaign is purpose-driven, it allows you to understand the different segments of users you have. It also has an instant impact on users and provides a ROI that is largely unrivalled to other marketing platforms.

They are also vastly different to other services such as local SEO, standard SEO services, PPC Marketing, etc. because it allows you to connect with an audience you already have to help retain them and build a loyal customer base.

Like one size doesn’t fit all – not all campaigns are built equally.

It depends on your user base and how many people you’re targeting, but it is vastly lower costing in comparison to other mainstream marketing platforms.


We value transparency so seeing email templates and structures before they go live is a vital part to ensure users will also find them appealing.

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