7 Social Media Marketing Tips3 min read

Nicholas Dimond

Nicholas Dimond

When he’s taking a break from getting results for our clients, he enjoys snowboarding and wakeboarding or sometimes just relaxing at home and watching the football or cricket.
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Social Media Marketing is a widely utilised tool by any online business – especially given that a vast majority of people have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Here are 7 Social Media Marketing Tips to help you kick off a strong understanding of how to drive desirable results across all of your brand’s social media accounts.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Who are you speaking with through your social media marketing? That helps you know what you’re going to say. A target audience helps you find out the right kind of content to share, the marketing channels to use, and the customer needs you will want to fulfil.
For example, if you’re targeting millennial’s and are selling the latest high-speed drones, use language that is direct, but informal. You could also focus on creating short, but captivating video content to share on your social pages, instead of heavy text-based content.

2. Be Relevant

While being consistent with your social content sharing is important, it only works when it’s also relevant. Don’t share simply for the sake of being consistent, but to connect with your social media followers. When you know your audience, you can provide content that they want.

3. Use Compelling Visuals

Most people today browse through social media on-the-go. Using appealing visuals that have the power to catch one’s attention instantly can significantly improve your social media interactions. People are more likely to notice a powerful visual than read a blog post, or even a caption. However, once you capture the attention through a relevant visual, you can hold their attention with text. Use free photo resources to find powerful images, or capture real images and learn basic photo editing tools.

4. Invest In A Paid Ad Service

Set aside a budget to invest in paid social media ads. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads reduce the reliance on organic reach, giving brands with paid ads a boost in reach. Boosting or promoting your posts on these platforms is comparatively less expensive than Google AdWords, making it an effective strategy for small businesses.

5. A/B Conversion Testing for Campaigns

A/B Converstion Testing, also known as split testing, allows you to create multiple landing pages of each advertisement or promotion you may run, and send it to different groups to see which works best with your audience.
This can include small differences like page layout, search buttons, call to action buttons, the colour of buttons, and the amount of content on the page. Being creative is especially beneficial for A/B conversion testing.
You can also use similar language to create catchy subject lines that you know your audience enjoys. In the same way, you can A/B test your social media posts to understand what works better, and improve your future posts.

6. Interact And Engage

Social Media Marketing not only creates brand awareness, but it also creates a communication channel between your brand, and your customers. Interact with your existing customers, or potential ones, and keep a close eye on every comment, like, follow, and share to capitalize on the opportunity of giving the best timely response. This engagement also builds a sense of trust with your customers.

7. Optimise For Social Media

Just like optimising a website boosts its search engine ranking, optimizing social posts also increases the chances of ranking higher on social media platforms. Social platforms have search features, and using relevant keywords or hashtags helps new customers find your business. Research the popular hashtags that people are using to search for the products you offer on various social media channels.

Using all these tips for social media marketing are sure to help you achieve your goals and increase your online presence. If you’re already using social media, it’s time to build a stronger marketing plan.

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