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Do A Few Things Great

We help brands build their online presence & grow exponentially.

We’re only interested in taking your business to new heights. Improving your organic reach, driving conversions and always building qualified leads will help us ensure we’re not keeping your business dead in the water, but floating comfortably with a cool drink in your hand.

Hone Your Digital Strategy

Improve Brand Awareness

Raise Your Revenue

Build Sustainable Traffic

Our simple & effective approach to achieving results.

We're Melbourne based, just like you.

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Define Your Goals & Expectations

In order to grow your business, we first need to understand what you’re out to achieve.

Setting your goals and expectations for your digital strategy gives us a clearer viewpoint of your business objectives and gives you complete transparency over our requirements.


Identify Areas For Growth

What are your digital weak points? To successfully bring about change for your business, we need to know the ins and outs of your business and how to funnel-in your target market to increase conversions.


Construct A Talior-Made & Powerful Strategy

Getting rankings is fun but if it’s not the metric putting bread on the table, then we put on our thinking hat, get to the drawing board and create a personalised digital strategy guaranteed to provide real results.

Melbourne Digital Marketing

Things We Do Best.

We’re firm believers that doing a few things, allows you to do a few things great – and you deserve greatness.

Melbourne's Best Digital Marketing Agency

Grow Your Online Business With Ease.

We operate in an industry littered with salesman and unregulated practices, so we pride ourselves on driving performance to your business and elevating your success to levels unrivalled by your competition with integrity.

Your strategy is only as good as the team beneath you, and we commit and pledge 110% of our efforts to improving your online presence and skyrocketing your sales.

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Digital Marketing Agency With All The Tools

Fast-Track Growth

We want to push the envelope that is digital marketing in Melbourne.

Leveraging growth through a multitude of marketing channels ensures that you’re reaching success sooner and getting the results you want.

Our digital marketing umbrella consists of offering the best, proven services such as SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

Money In Your Pockets

Expert Auditing For Success

Without knowing where you stand, it’s hard to understand where you can grow.

We perform a comprehensive auditing of your standing, giving us a head start on fast-tracking your way to success.

SEO Kings is here to transform your business into a conversion juggernaut with a tailored digital strategy – it’s our passion.

Looking to increase your leads and grow your business? Contact the best digital marketing agency Melbourne has to offer.

Digital marketing is a term that is based on a range of different services all utilised to achieve common goals of improving site visibility, brand awareness, increasing sustainable traffic, skyrocketing your sales and conversion rates for your business.

Digital marketing consists of services such as SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing such as Facebook and Instagram advertising, Email Marketing, and content marketing, which plays a vital role in the growth and visibility of most websites in 2020.

Realistically, you must have a digital marketing strategy in place to survive against competitors and move with the revolving door that is technology, given that lots of paid advertising routes can be fast tracked for almost immediate results.

If you’ve been online for a while, it’s anyone’s guess what your digital standing is.

We take a look at your overall digital footprint in order to determine where things are at, so we can identify areas that require work and create a strategy that is serious about bringing profit to your business.

A business of any size is welcome to work with us, but there is a certain level of warmth you get from helping small businesses get their foot in the door and start growing exponentially.

Any business, regardless of industry or size can benefit from an SEO Kings digital strategy designed to generate rapid levels of growth.

Whether it be small businesses all around Melbourne or large eCommerce retailers, there is always a place for them here.

Definitely not.

It ultimately comes down to your business goals and what you’re looking to achieve, with other factors in place such as your industry and competition. 

We know the general levels of competition amongst every industry and niche, so it allows us to make an evaluation on how we should proceed with your campaign.

We would never make false promises that we can’t deliver, which is why we strongly believe in employing no pushy salesman tactics with any prospective client that comes our way.

We lay out our plans for your business with complete and utter transparency, no BS and no hard to understand jargon.

It makes for a great relationship when we’re both on the same page with our expectations and results that can be delivered.

We care about data and using that data to our digital advantage, boosting your revenue and allowing us to pat ourselves on the back once the job is done.

We’re happy you clicked this and we’d love to have you on board.

Before contacting us, get a few questions in your head that you’d like to ask us and think about the direction you’d like to take your business. 

Set goals and a time-frame and contact our local experts who will provide an initial consultation for free and determine the best course of action for your business or website.

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Think Smarter, Not Harder

Picking Us Is A No Brainer.

Have a chat with our friendly marketing experts who will help your business reach its full potential.

We’re proud to be a group of hard-working, dedicated Aussie SEO experts who promise to put your digital strategy ahead of anything else.

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Partner Up With SEO Kings

We’re a great fit – trust us.

Team up with the agency with your digital marketing strategy and success at their forefront. 

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